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Why Go For Elastic Shoelaces Instead Of Cotton Shoelaces?

You can be a school goer or an adult; once your shoelaces come loose, you get annoyed, as you have to stop right there and bend over to retie them. No matter how annoyed you feel, you cannot ignore it, as it is unsafe to walk with untied shoelace. Since you can trip over with an untied shoelace and injure yourself badly, it is smart to avoid the problem by simply switching to elastic shoelaces. Elastic shoelaces have been in trend for quite some time, as they can make any shoe look better.                   

Why switch to elastic shoelaces?

Footwear designs improve fast, so why should we keep using same old laces to tie our shoes? Sneakers, the most used kind of footwear have seen some transformation related to his lately. Irrespective of how perfectly you tie the laces of your shoes, they are bound to come loose during you walk or run. Thus, many athletes have started using elastic shoelaces for sneakers that also make it easy to put on and take out the footwear. Further, these laces can turn any shoe into a slip-on, making it more attractive and convenient to use. These also allow you to customize your fit to have a great walking and running experience.

Compare the two

When an athlete uses a sneaker with simple cotton laces, the problem they face is that these laces contract with the movement of their foot and eventually cause foot pain and risk of injury. On the other hand, elastic laces help in keeping the shoe in place that lets you walk and run comfortably.


Thinking to purchase elastic shoelaces for sneakers? You should check the quality first, for you may want to use your shoes during your gym training or even a trekking session later. Make sure you try on the shoe and take enough time to decide that the elastic shoelaces work for you right. Once you’ve got the shoes with the right shoelace, you will notice how you can save time by staying away from the hassle of tying and untying the cotton shoe laces.

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