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Yusen Belt: a One-Stop destination for Quality Webbing Products

Luggage straps are useful to tie all suitcases and bags during the journey and this offers enhanced protection in case the zip of the bag or locks of suitcases are damaged. Selecting a strap with a lock feature enhances the security of your luggage. This makes it easier to carry two bags/suitcases attached together on bikes or on the elevator.

You can easily procure customised luggage strap from a renowned belts and bands supplier in your city. Dongguan Yusen Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high- quality webbing products that include guitar straps, luggage belts, leather and elastic belts, hair bands, pet collars and binding tapes. With an excellent manufacturing facility and a team of dedicated experts, the company has been serving its clients in China and different parts of the world for over a decade.

People looking for Customized luggage strap can select from among a number of straps with hand-woven designs that can help them tie all kinds of suitcases and help in easier transportation of the same. You can adjust the size of the strap as per your requirement that comes in the range of 78" long by 2" wide. The straps are made of polypropylene fibre that is strong and durable and resistant to tear or ripping making your luggage extra secure.

Besides the luggage straps, you can order for the online purchase of hand-woven leather belts, elastic hair tie, shoelaces for sneakers, elastic webbing belts, reflective vest and memory foam car pillow. What makes the company stand apart from others is its commitment to manufacture and supply high quality and eco-friendly products like belts and bands that rank high in terms of quality, comfort and versatility.

With a passion to provide, eco-friendly webbing products through a highly competitive manufacturing facility we can fulfil any requirement of our clients and help them get a leading edge on their competitors. You can count on the experience and expertise of the engineers and professionals of the company for getting Customized luggage strap or your desired webbing products at a competitive price in a quick lead-time.

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