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Dongguan Yusen Industrial Co. Limited, established in 2003, is one of the top-notch makers and exporters of premium webbing products in the Guangdong area. With over 50 representatives actively working in an expanse of 3,500 square meters, and 90 percent of the products being exported worldwide, Dongguan’s annual sales figure has surpassed USD 3,000,000.  

The organization, since its inception, has devoted significant amount of time in the research, advancement, and manufacturing of an extensive variety of supreme webbing products that include Canvas Belts, Elastic Belts, Genuine Leather Belts, Pet Collars and Leashes, Guitar Straps, Luggage Belts, Suspenders, Shoelaces, Lanyards, Elastic Hair Bands, and numerous different adornments, which include Elastic Band, Nylon Webbing, Cotton Webbing, Canvas Webbing, Binding Tape, Elastic Cord, and Twisted String. We have a huge pool of premium products for many enterprises such as outfit industry, shoes industry, gear industry, satchel industry, printing industry, sports products industry and accessories industry.


Since its birth, Dongguan is continuously striving to improve customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products. Our manufacturing line has succeeded in gaining ISO 9001:2008 certification, which helped us in developing a Quality Management System, to regard our clients’ quality prerequisites while seamlessly enhancing our operational procedures.


Our manufacturing unit, with a state of the art technology and futuristic machines consisting of 35 sets of high speed rope braiding machines, 30 sets of high speed webbing braiding, 30 sets of sewing, 10 of belt braiding, 5 of snap attaching, 3 of packaging and 2 of staking, has facilitated our aim of providing total customer satisfaction, by excellent quality control throughout all stages of production.


Raw materials such as polyester, polypropylene, nylon, and cotton are thoroughly filtered and handpicked to be used in production. The materials chosen for our products strictly comply with the parameters of RoHS, Reach and PAHs. We have received recognition in the UK, France, Switzerland, Netherland, USA, Canada and Australia for our remarkable and fashionable products and our matchless on-time delivery records.


With more than 12 years of experience in the webbing field, Dongguan has been able to maintain steady expansion. Yusen is dedicated to develop various kinds of high quality webbing products using its professional engineering, innovative designing, abundant production capacity and excellent reputation. The staffs work rigorously in providing the best products to the clients.

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