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Everything You Need To Know About Fabric Belts

Fabric belts have become a must-have for men. Without them, the casual look, be it jeans, khakis, or knee length shots remains incomplete. Casual fabric belts have become so popular that a number of variants are available, ranging from fabric elastic stretch belt to inelastic military inspired to braided, on the market these days. For every type of clothing, the belts are available, which can be worn either as an accent piece or as a centrepiece. Here we discuss the different kinds of fabric belts, which you can choose from.

  • Webbing or Webbed Belts

Webbed belts, also known as skater belts, do not have holes or eyelets; instead, have a specialized buckle that holds the belt at any specific point based on the desire of the wearer. Typically, made from synthetic material, the belts are inelastic. As the belts do not eyelets or pain, they are often are used in the armed forces uniforms. In the recent time, the rugged look offered by the belt makes it complement cargo pants. Some manufacturers offer the option of fabric elastic stretch belts within the category of webbed belts.

  • Canvas Belts

As the name implies, canvas belts are made from canvas fabric. The texture of the belt goes well with the semi-casual khaki pants, and that is why they have become wildly popular. Based on the demand, such belts come in without pins and holes, as well as with standard pin buckle.

  • Braided Belts

Such type of belts draws their name from its look. The belts look like a braid, where a number of synthetic fibres are plaited together. They also come as fabric elastic stretch belts, offering the belts better tensile strength. Braided is a recent trend that is turning into a fashion revolution, among men as well as women.

If you do not own any of these fabric belts, you must know, your wardrobe is incomplete.

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