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Give a Personalized Look to Your Baggage with Custom Made Adjustable Luggage Strap

This popular travel accessory is designed to make your suitcase easier identifiable. They are perfect and set your baggage apart from others. Luggage strap is custom made from tough nylon and can be embroidered with the wording of your choice to help you spot your case on the airport carousel. They come with a combination lock that keeps the baggage secure in transit. You can choose from fantastic line of unique and customized luggage strap thereby adding a new look to your dull suitcase.

In addition, these customized luggage straps also provide additional support to your baggage while travelling. During your journey, many people will be tugging, pulling, tossing, and throwing your trolley bag. With so much wear and tear, it is inevitable that your suitcase would get scratches all over and there is no way to avoid bumps, tears, and dirt on your baggage. These heavy duty straps are fitted with a buckle and different hole options.

Common Features of Luggage Strap

1.    Easy Identification

2.    One size fits all

3.    Choice of 'colour' and 'font'

4.    Added Security

5.    Washable

6.    Adjustable

7.    Anti-slip ladder lock

8.    Multifunction

You can also customize the luggage straps and add a personal touch to your luggage. Many online websites offer a wide range of luggage strap with unique colors, sizes and textures along with other enviable features such as a clear window for ID card, a metallic snap strap and some are even provided with an elastic stretchable band.

If your luggage bag gets damaged in transit or while travelling, the luggage strap can at least help your baggage to remain close from spilling open and the content from getting lost. A sturdy customized luggage strap secures the bag’s content. The luggage strap helps in holding the items in place during the jangling transit process.

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