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Material Differences

Material/Properties Color Water Absorbability Strength Handfeel
Nylon Glossy Metal Waterproof Great Smooth Soft
Polyester Glossy Metal Waterproof Great Smooth
Propene Polymer(PP) Duller than Nylon Waterproof Great Coarse Rough
Cotton The Dullest Natural Color Absorb Water Normal Coarse Softest
Imitaiton Cotton Glossier than Coton Absorb Water Great Smoother than Cotton
Rayon Bright Unnatural Color Waterproof Great Smooth Soft
Color Brightness Ranking: Nylon Rayon ; PP; Polyester; Imitation Cotton; Cotton

Better Quality Control

Methods to Differ Materials

Burning Test

Cotton and Imitated Cotton

Imitated Cotton: Quickly burned, black smoke and crimping melted

Cotton: Burned without flame, burned partical becomes powder after pressing

Sinking Test

Nylon and PP

Put two materials on water  

Nylon: Sink into the water  

PP: Float on surfaceyour area to find out how you can receive BBC World News

Flaming Test

Nylon and Polyester

Nylon: White smoke

Polyester: Black smokerld News.

Standard Test Methods


TestTest Standard
Drop Down Test Tower for protective equipment – Energy AbsorbersSouth African National Standard:
SANS 50355:2003 EN 355:2002
SABS EN 364: 1992
Colour Fastness to RubbingSANS 105 – X 12
Test for colour fastness to light XENON ARCSANS 105- B02
Combustibility: Determination of burning behaviour of interior materialsISO 3795
FlammabilityFAR 25.853 (b-2) App. F (e)
Federal motor vehicle safety standards(FMVSS) 302
Tensile Strength using the strip methodSANS 13934-1:1999
ElongationSANS 13934-1:1999
Determination of single end breaking strength and elongation at BreakISO 2062:1993
Conditioning by AbrasionSANS 1080: 2002
Construction analysis: examination of structure, weave diagram, yarn typeISO 7211-1: 1984
Threads per unit
Yarn count
ISO 7211-2:1994
ISO 2060 : 1994
Determination of Bending StiffnessDIN 53864
ASTM D 747
Fall Arrest Systems: Dynamic Test for LanyardsAS/NZS.1891.1:2007

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