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What are the Causes and Solutions of Back Pain While Driving a Car?


Car designs have come a long way since last 20 years, with better features, better styling, better comfort and better fuel efficiency. But no one can still guarantee that the designs of modern cars can’t play a role in causing some back injuries that people suffer from each year. For those who need to drive constantly, need to have ultimate comfort in their driving seat. Driving people should acknowledge the importance of convenience while they are driving, as they need to remain seated the entire day which can cause stress in back and neck. This is why memory foam car pillow is recommended for drivers to avoid stress on the neck.


How driving is different than the ordinary sitting

Sitting in a driver’s seat when it’s not moving doesn’t cause any harm to your body; however, this changes as soon as the vehicle starts moving. Unlike regular sitting on a comfortable chair, the body is subject to different forces while a vehicle is in motion. Body posture changes due to accelerations, decelerations, lateral swaying from side to side, as well as whole-body up and down vibrations in a moving car. While driving, the feet are quite actively used; the right foot is used on the accelerator pedal, the left foot on the brake as well as on the clutch. While in a normal situation your feet are placed on the floor during normal sitting in a chair, driver’s feet are continuously put to work in a moving car and they cannot support the lower body. With a combination of these factors along with the design of the car seat, it is apparent that anyone could get a back pain unless proper measures are taken into consideration.


Avoid the Back Pain

A Memory foam car pillow is the best solution for continuous driving of four wheeler vehicles. These car driving pillows are designed by experienced professionals by keeping in mind the right angle of a person’s neck and seat. High-quality foam is used in the making of these neck pillows to provide ultimate comfort to the car drivers and make their experience smooth. While using car driving pillows, people can notice the difference by experiencing reduced back stress, improvised sitting posture, and many other benefits.

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